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Burial site, Berwyn mountains, north Wales
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An exhibition print can be created for you from any image from the Gallery pages, the Wild Wales / Cymru Wyllt postcard series, or any Jeremy Moore publication. In the days of film I usually had my 35mm originals printed up to 15 x 10 inches with minimal loss of quality. It was usually possible to reach 18" x 12" and sometimes even larger. A 30" x 20" print from a 35mm trannie has been known but it would depend on the original - visible grain and loss of sharpness may occur.  In the case of a 35mm original it would now be scanned and then a print made from the digital file.

More recently I have had 30 x 20 inch prints made successfully from a canon 5d2 file, and I imagine the sky would be the limit from my current Canon 5d3! The quality of digital is so much higher than it was on film.

Your print can be mounted and I can sign it for you, if required, and frame it, at additional cost, but this does lead to delivery problems

As this is a personal service, I would ask you to email or phone me in the first instance, and we can then discuss your requirements. I look forward to hearing from you.  

A small selection of prints is available over the counter from the following outlets -

The Craft Shop, Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Gwynedd Crafts, Beddgelert

Y Galeri, Betws-y-coed.



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After over twenty five years picture-making in Wales, I probably have unrivalled coverage of the wilder parts of the country.  

There are many thousands of interesting and inspiring 35 mm images in my collection. including a significant number in panoramic format (24 x 65 mm).  Since August 2007 I have been working digitally and expect to continue doing so.

All images are available for reproduction by individuals, organisations or publishers. If required I can scan transparencies to your requirements and email the images or copy them to CD for you.

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This year (2008) is the twenty-fifth year I've been publishing postcards. Right from the start my intention was to make available - in Wales - the new style of postcard I had seen elsewhere in the UK and Europe. The beauty of the Welsh landscape deserved only the very best, so a combination of top quality photographs, a larger size, thicker card and first class printing were the important ingredients. The very first cards were tied in with my first photographic exhibition, and took the same name - "Skylines".