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Dyfi estuary, mid-Wales
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This year (2008) is the twenty-fifth year I've been publishing postcards. Right from the start my intention was to make available - in Wales - the new style of postcard I had seen elsewhere in the UK and Europe. The beauty of the Welsh landscape deserved only the very best, so a combination of top quality photographs, a larger size, thicker card and first class printing were the important ingredients. The very first cards were tied in with my first photographic exhibition, and took the same name - "Skylines".

For the first couple of years I didn't really reach the high standards I had set myself. I used a black border with a white keyline around the image and I only later discovered this was a standard design for funeral invitations! Then "Skylines" became "Wild Wales/Cymru Wyllt" (after George Borrow) and I settled on the borderless design I now still use.  I pride myself on the quality of my photographs and I'm constantly balancing the commercial and the artistic elements in the images I choose.The range of designs is constantly evolving, with twelve new designs being intoduced in spring 2011, and several more to follow during the summer.  This kind of quality does have to be paid for, of course, and they have always been more expensive than those of my competitors. Nevertheless there have only been two price increases since I started, so they still represent good value for money. Despite intense competition Wild Wales/Cymru Wyllt sales remain at a high level, and I have a solid and reliable customer base.

After many successful years I am still a "one-man band". I take the photographs myself, supervise the end product at the printers, do all the marketing and pack all the orders. Each card is individually hand-counted - by me! And if a problem crops up I will put it right myself, although I have to say that this happens very infrequently. Talk about a personal service!

Wild Wales/Cymru Wyllt
postcards are available in the better quality bookshops, gift shops and information centres in many parts of Wales, particularly the three National Parks and north Ceredigion. I do not normally deal direct with public but if you have particular requirements, I may be able to help.

To see the full range of postcards online, click here to go to the new dedicated website.