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BIRD/LANDIn 2014 I was awarded a grant by the Arts Council of Wales for materials costs and to prepare new work for exhibition.   Many bird photographers produce stunning, technically correct portraits of birds with all trace of their habitat removed. With many years of experience  photographing the landscape,  I felt that I was ideally placed to put the landscape back into bird photography. Hence Bird/land. . To make it more difficult for myself most works consist of three separate panoramic images linked by location, species or aesthetic qualities.

Following a very successful showing at MOMA Machynlleth in summer 2015and then at RSPB Ynyshir, an expanded edition of Bird/land is was shown at Aberystwyth Arts Centre this summer. It was very gratifying to know that people are willing to spend fairly serious money on my work!

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To see a selection of the work, go to the Bird/land gallery above.

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