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Newport Bay, south Wales
Jeremy Moore

Welcome to Wild Wales, Jeremy Moore's main photography website.

Jeremy Moore is  based in mid-Wales, and specialises in the photographs of Welsh landscape and wildlife. An eclectic approach to his subject matter underlies a range of images from the purely abstract to the documentary. His work is always informed by a thorough understanding of the Welsh environment. He has been fully professional since 1991.

He publishes a range of distinctive postcards - Wild Wales / Cymru Wyllt, - now (2016) in their thirtieth year.  For many years he has also worked on self-generated and publisher-led photographic projects. His most recent book was "Wales at Water's Edge" (with the author Jon Gower) published in 2012. He is currently working on a new book with Jon Gower, due for publication in 2018. 

In 2013 he undertook a lengthy landscape commission for the Countryside Council for Wales. The National Library of Wales has a large collection of his photographs.

His exhibition Bird/land
showed at Aberystwyth Arts Centre during June to August 2016

He has a very large collection of interesting and inspiring images of Wales and elsewhere in his own photographic library.  

Note to other photographers : WILD WALES is now a registered trademark (UK2638277) for photographic services. Please do not even think of using it yourself.

TALES FROM WILD WALES  I continue to write about photography, wildlife and landscape on my blog. To read some of my thoughts please
click here . I also post new pictures there on a regular basis.

BIRD/LANDIn 2014 I was awarded a grant by the Arts Council of Wales for materials costs and to prepare new work for exhibition.   Many bird photographers produce stunning, technically correct portraits of birds with all trace of their habitat removed. With many years of experience  photographing the landscape,  I felt that I was ideally placed to put the landscape back into bird photography. Hence Bird/land. . To make it more difficult for myself most works consist of three separate panoramic images linked by location, species or aesthetic qualities.

Following a very successful showing at MOMA Machynlleth in summer 2015and then at RSPB Ynyshir, an expanded edition of Bird/land is was shown at Aberystwyth Arts Centre this summer. It was very gratifying to know that people are willing to spend fairly serious money on my work!

For more background to the exhibition please click here

To see a selection of the work, go to the Bird/land gallery above.

You can see every one of my Wild Wales / Cymru Wyllt postcards on the new website www.wildwalespostcards.co.uk.

Image library
After over twenty five years photographing in Wales, there are now many thousands of interesting and inspiring images in my collection. Have a look in the Galleries here for examples, but remember that I can only show a small percentage of the available images.

Since August 2007 I have been using digital capture, using a sequence of Canon bodies: currently the 5d mk2 for my landscape work.

All are available for reproduction by individuals, organisations or publishers.

Exhibition Prints

An exhibition print can be created for you from any image from the Gallery pages, the Wild Wales / Cymru Wyllt postcard series, or any Jeremy Moore publication. 

A stunning print up to and including 30" x 20" in size (possibly larger) can be now be obtained from my latest digital originals. I can offer two print qualities in two price ranges depending on your budget.

i) SUPERIOR : hand-finished exhibition prints on 100% cotton rag paper by a craftsman printer in mid-Wales. He has uses his extensive knowledge of the printing process to get the very best from every individual image, and produced the prints for my exhibitions "Wales at Waters Edge" and "Bird/land"

ii) STANDARD  :  High quality machine prints produced on Fuji paper directly from my own files by a specialist photo lab. Lustre or glossy finish available. 

For prices, see below.